Woodlawn Personal Injury Lawyers Opening of New Location

Woodlawn Personal Injury Lawyers Opening of New Location


Woodlawn, MD – Woodlawn Personal Injury Lawyers of Maryland Injury Guys, opens their new location in Woodlawn to provide legal representation for victims throughout Baltimore County. For more information, visit: https://marylandinjuryguys.com/woodlawn-lawyers/

Maryland Injury Guys has recently announced they’ll be opening a new law office in Woodlawn, MD. The Woodlawn-Baltimore Law Office will be located at 6666 Security Boulevard Blvd. #4, Baltimore, MD 21207, and is reachable 24/7 at (410) 762-3030.

When asked why they’ve decided to launch a new location, managing personal injury lawyer, Aaron Blank, Esq. stated, “We at Maryland Injury Guys believe that justice should be within reach of every citizen. So, we’ve decided to make ourselves more accessible to every resident by opening up more locations throughout the region. This one just happens to be in Woodlawn.”

Legal representation from the Woodlawn-Baltimore Law Office is handled on a contingency fee structure. The personal injury attorneys in the firm are well experienced in handling personal injury cases such as car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, work-related accidents, dog bite accidents, pool accidents, sexual abuse, and many more.

The legal teams at the law firm “bring an approach based on dedication, guidance, and compassion through the difficult process of pursuing injury claims,” said Aaron Blank, Esq. These attorneys have defended the rights and obtained justice for victims throughout the state, including the areas of Security Square, Franklintown, Westview Park, Winsten Estates, West Edmondale, Edmondson, Adil Meadows, Woodbridge Valley, Howard Park, Mount Holly, Leakin Park, and many other locations.

Stay tuned for local events hosted by the Woodlawn personal injury lawyers that will be announced soon.

To see reviews of this office, visit the personal injury law firm’s Facebook page.


For more information about Maryland Injury Guys – Woodlawn, contact the company here:

Maryland Injury Guys – Woodlawn
Aaron Blank, Esq.
(410) 762-3030
[email protected]
6666 Security Boulevard Blvd. #4,
Baltimore, MD 21207

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