NJ man who admitted insurance fraud in staged slip-and-fall denied PTI

NJ man who admitted insurance fraud in staged slip-and-fall denied PTI


A Morris County man who pleaded guilty to insurance fraud after staging a slip-and-fall at a Woodbridge business has lost his court appeal of his denial into a pre-trial intervention program.

In 2019, Alexander Goldinsky, of Randolph, pleaded guilty to the charge after a Superior Court judge in Middlesex County rejected his application for the pre-trial intervention program which, if completed successfully, would have resulted in the charge being dismissed. Goldinsky was instead placed on two years’ probation and ordered to perform 14 hours of community service.

On Wednesday, an appellate court upheld the Superior Court judge’s ruling, writing “the rejection was neither unjust nor unfair.”

Surveillance video footage released by the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office shows a Randolph man allegedly staging a slip and fall accident in Woodbridge.

Goldinsky in 2018 faked a slip-and-fall accident in a cafeteria while working as an independent contractor in Woodbridge.

The case attracted widespread media attention after a surveillance video showed he filled a cup with ice, threw the ice on the floor, and laid on top of it. He was taken to the hospital and told medical personnel he had slipped, fallen and injured himself, knowing the information would be provided to his health insurance company which paid $563.49 to cover the ambulance bill, according to the court ruling.

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