Malpractice bill would not change standard of care

Malpractice bill would not change standard of care


Speaker Therese Terlaje held a press conference on Friday to dispel concerns in the public and medical community around a bill to remove the mandatory arbitration requirement for malpractice claims on Guam. 

Opponents of the current law, which requires a three-person arbitration panel to resolve medical malpractice claims on Guam, say the requirement is too costly and discourages claims. 

"I want to address the people of Guam," Speaker Therese Terlaje said during the June 25 press conference.

Terlaje introduced Bill 112 to replace the arbitration panel with a screening overseen by a magistrate judge. She said Friday that freezing out claims from people who may not have the financial means to pursue one was an injustice that needed to be solved. 

“People harmed by negligence are today being prohibited from pursuing justice. This reality has been made clear to us in the legislature, by the courts and by patients,” she said.

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