Letters to the editor for July 4, 2021

Letters to the editor for July 4, 2021


The Suwannee River meanders through Big Shoals State Park before tumbling down to create Class III rapids.

The right to clean water

The June 27 editorial (“Turn down permits, don’t build pipeline”) on the “hare-brained” scheme to transfer water from the Suwanee to the Santa Fe is yet another exclamation point on our imperiled democracy.

I moved back to north Florida because of its springs and rivers but I can’t ignore the science. Fortunately, I still believe in our ability to make the right decision. As upwards to 75% of Floridians have recently voted to support a variety of statewide amendments, we must remind ourselves we agree on many things.

Once again, we need to flex our democratic muscles and get the Right to Clean Water on the ballot by signing the petition at FL5.org. Simply, this grants all Floridians the constitutional right to clean water and to take legal action against polluters and government inaction. It is, most importantly, a vehicle for shifting power back to both us and nature.

David Vaina, High Springs 

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