Letter: Shooting led to wrongful death

Letter: Shooting led to wrongful death


I am horrified that the Kevin E. Peterson Jr. shooting was declared justified and lawful (“Review: Cops’ deadly force justified,” The Columbian, Aug. 17). The deputy said he shot Peterson because he wouldn’t stop running away, which is not a violation of the law. Also, did they do proper investigation before the drug deal was set up? How did they determine that Peterson was a threat to them and society because of a firearm?

Yes, Peterson was selling a controlled substance, but was stopping him from selling really worth his life? He was on foot; they could have called for a canine unit to apprehend him. Or they could have picked him up at his home, I am sure they knew where he lived. If they didn’t, then they didn’t do their job.

This was a case of wrongful death, excessive use of force and most likely, racism.

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