Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Announces Increased Funding for Personal Injury Cases

Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Announces Increased Funding for Personal Injury Cases


TRENTON, N.J., July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Legal-Bay, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they are preparing their underwriters for an increase in personal injury applications over the coming months. The first half of 2021 saw an unprecedented number of claims filed, and now that summer is well underway with crowds of people getting out and about, they expect to see even more.

Legal-Bay is expanding their personal injury settlement loan department in order to accommodate plaintiffs who would rather opt for presettlement funding rather than wait out the endless months until their case can see the inside of a courtroom. Legal-Bay is one of the best lawsuit loan funding companies in the industry, and they offer a lightning-fast approval process; most clients can expect to receive cash in hand within 48-hours of submitting their case documents.

Chris Janish, CEO, commented, “We are bracing for a brisk summer funding season based on people needing money to live normally again. And unfortunately, with more summer activities taking place more accidents are happening.  Our sales and underwriting teams are prepared for any clients who need fast funding.”  

If you are involved in an active personal injury lawsuit and need an immediate cash advance against an impending lawsuit settlement, please visit Legal-Bay HERE or call toll-free at 877.571.0405.

Legal-Bay remains vigilant in assisting their clients with personal injury claims. Anyone that has an existing lawsuit and needs cash now can apply for loan settlement funding to help get through their financial crises. Legal-Bay funds all types of personal injury loans for lawsuits including slips and falls, car or boat accidents, work-related injuries, medical malpractice, premise liability, and more.

Legal-Bay’s pre settlement funding programs are designed to provide immediate cash in advance of a plaintiff’s anticipated monetary award. The non-recourse law suit loans—sometimes referred to as loans for lawsuit or loans on settlement—are risk-free, as the money doesn’t need to be repaid should the recipient lose their case. Therefore, the lawsuit loans aren’t really loans, but rather cash advances.

To apply for a loan on lawsuit right now, please visit the company’s website HERE or call toll-free at: 877.571.0405 where agents are standing by.


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