Incorrect Medications Can Result in a Mississippi Medical Malpractice Claim

Incorrect Medications Can Result in a Mississippi Medical Malpractice Claim


Doctors are not perfect and they can make mistakes. Due to the seriousness of misjudgments, whether it is an incorrect doctor’s diagnosis, improper medications, or faulty procedures, the aftermath can be life-changing and even deadly for patients. There is a reason doctors pay high premiums for their insurance that covers them. Often medical errors result in large settlements to victims that suffered the consequences of these blunders.

If you were the victim of medical malpractice that caused your harm in Mississippi, you must have an experienced Mississippi medical malpractice attorney that has a background in taking on the insurance companies and winning the most compensation for victims. Bob Germany has won millions for victims that suffered from medical malpractice cases in Mississippi and Bob Germany can represent your best interests and do the same for you.

Are Incorrect Medications Considered Malpractice in Mississippi?

Incorrect Medications Can Result in a Mississippi Medical Malpractice ClaimThe wrong medication can lead to major bodily harm, permanent impairments, and death so ensuring that the right medication is prescribed is absolutely necessary. Because patients trust their doctors, they tend to trust the medications and the dosage that they are prescribed. Yet, just one written error or miscalculation by a patient’s doctor can lead to devastating consequences. The same is true for pharmacists that misread a prescription or fill one with the wrong medication. Negligence on the part of a pharmacist can also lead to disastrous repercussions.

Patients can help reduce the chances of being hurt by medication errors by examining their prescriptions and asking questions. Writing down the information that your doctor discusses with you including your medications that are offered during your appointment can help you compare that information to the medications that you receive. When you fill your prescriptions, taking the time to go over the dosage and the frequency at which you take the medications can also help. 

Ultimately, it is up to your doctor and your pharmacist to ensure that what is dispensed to you is correct and will not result in negative health implications. If these professionals are incorrect and careless with making sure that you get what you need and they provide you with drugs that can injure you, you have the right to take legal action and secure payment for the damages you suffered.

Meet with a Mississippi Medical Malpractice Attorney

If the drugs that you are prescribed are defective or toxic and that cause your harm, you may have a Mississippi pharmaceutical product liability claim to file against the manufacturers. If your doctor prescribed you the wrong medications or if your pharmacist did not fill the right medication for your prescription, then you may file a Jackson medical malpractice claim for compensation.

To learn more about what actions you can take to get the money you need and deserve from an injury claim in Mississippi, call the Germany Law Firm to schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique case at (601) 487-0555. Bob Germany, the Jackson pharmaceutical product injury attorney works on a contingency basis so you will not be charged unless your case is successful and you win.


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