Erika Goldschen introduces behaviour change as a tool for lifestyle change through health and fitness

Erika Goldschen introduces behaviour change as a tool for lifestyle change through health and fitness


Erika Goldschen’s EG Wellness Body & Mind Transformation, a virtual platform dedicated to helping people achieve a lifestyle change through health and fitness, has added a new technique, behavior change, to its arsenal of obesity and weight-loss programs.

Obesity always has and will most likely remain a critical national health issue in America. According to available statistics, the U.S. adult obesity rate stands at 42.4 percent, the first time the national rate has passed the 40 percent mark, and further evidence of the country’s obesity crisis. Consequences of Obesity range from High blood pressure (hypertension), High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Gallbladder disease, to mention but a few.

Erika Goldschen is ideally placed to help clients with obesity problems. She’s a licensed PT assistant, certified personal trainer, and behavior change coach and has had firsthand experience of obesity, having struggled with body image from a young age. She used food to make herself feel better. Being a carb and sugar fiend, food was the center of her world.

“Through trial and error and learning about human physiology and psychology, things just started to click. My passion to help people in both fitness and healthcare, brought me here. After working in injury rehab to chronic back, knee and hip pain and seeing the devastating consequences from obesity from working in nursing homes and home health, I knew there was still something missing”, Erika recalled.

Why were people going back to their old habits after 1-3 weeks? Why were long-lasting changes so hard? Why were people so awful to themselves after they made one mistake and then just quit? That inner motivation is so strong at the beginning only to fall flat on their face time and time again, feeling guilt and shame for being broken. These are pertinent questions and observations that have plagued the fitness and coaching industry, which Erika answered in her Think Yourself Thin 12-week program.

The program was designed to help her clients curb cravings and stop emotional and overeating for sustained weight loss and keep it off without all that guilt, shame, deprivation and overwhelm using a 3 step approach. The 12-week program will work through:

  • Emotional and overeating
  • Craving control without feeling restricted and wanting it more
  • Lifestyle changes like sleep and stress and creating habits that stick
  • Long term weight loss solution without hours at the gym and rabbit food diets

Erika Goldschen has, undoubtedly, impacted lots of lives with her highly effective weight-loss programs and techniques. One of her client’s reviews reflects what every other person is saying. “I worked with Erika for over a year. She helped me gain confidence and strength in the various exercises she had for me. Heavy people suffer from lack of self confidence and fear to do things where people will see them. Regaining balance and stability is a huge issue in moving again. It is difficult exercising with that feeling. Erika never made me feel like I was too fat or heavy to do anything. She was patient, kind and compassionate to my plight. Erika motivated me to want to come for a pre-workout session and I felt she truly was excited to see me. Losing weight and getting strength back is a difficult process if you don’t have a great coach. Being greeted every day by a friendly face and a great motivator helped build the confidence I needed to keep on going. Erika got me going on the right path. Although she moved thousands of miles away I am still encouraged by the attention and positive attitude she left with me in my heart. Thanks Erika and best wishes!” – Chris E.

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