Does Misdiagnosis Count as Medical Malpractice in Mississippi?

Does Misdiagnosis Count as Medical Malpractice in Mississippi?


Medical malpractice suits in Mississippi serve to help victims of various medical negligence obtain the compensation they are entitled to after they were improperly treated by a medical professional. There are a wide variety of various medical malpractice cases that can happen. In general though, if you were treated by a doctor and their treatment resulted in you suffering harm, then there is a good chance you can file a Mississippi medical malpractice suit for compensation.

There is an inherent trust that people have in their medical providers. People know that their doctors have gone through intensive training before they were able to obtain their medical license to practice. For those that do their research to make sure that the provider they use is the cream of the crop with an extensive background and who is highly respected in their niche, the expectation for superior diagnosis, treatment, and medical care exists. Though even when a person uses the highest-quality most prominent medical professional, doctors are still people and people can make mistakes.

Can A Failing Diagnosis in Mississippi be Considered Medical Malpractice?

Does Misdiagnosis Count as Medical Malpractice in MississippiIf you believe that your medical treatment was incorrect because it was for an ailment you did not have and your condition either worsened or you incurred other harm after working with a medical professional, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced Mississippi medical malpractice attorney. When you work with Germany Law Firm, PLLC a medical malpractice law firm in Jackson, your case will be thoroughly reviewed and any options you have for obtaining compensation will be explained to you.

The truth is that misdiagnosis is a form of medical malpractice. The reason for this is if a misdiagnosis results in a patient not being properly treated for their condition, it can worsen and even continue to develop into other negative medical health ailments. On the other hand, if an incorrect diagnosis is being treated the treatment plan that is utilized to heal a condition that doesn’t exist, the actual treatment could be detrimental to the patient and cause health issues. An example would be having cancer but being treated for another condition. As cancer progresses, it could kill a patient or when finally realized, be at the terminal stage. A misdiagnosis in relation to mental health could lead to a person committing suicide because they did not get the right help they needed for their condition.

Misdiagnosis can result from not reading test results properly, not identifying issues in X-rays and MRIs, or not looking over a patient’s health history and prescribing a dangerous and toxic drug and that is not all. The onerous is on the patient to show that their medical provider was negligent and misdiagnosed their condition which caused them harm. If you are experiencing negative health issues because of failure on the part of your medical provider, call the Germany Law Firm immediately.

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Doctors and even testing companies may be responsible for your Mississippi medical misdiagnosis. To file the strongest, most effective Jackson medical malpractice claim, call Germany Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a free consultation at (601) 487-0555.

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